Before pandemic times, I never paid much attention to birds. I saw them. They were mostly black and sometimes red. They poop a lot. They were just birds. My wife and I started watching birds in our back yard. Really looking at them. 
They aren’t just excessively pooping winged creatures with black feathers. Man and lady Cardinals travel in pairs. Sometimes a pink spotted juvenile will tag along—trying his best to earn his bright red feathers and mask. Blue Jays scream. Sparrows sing three descending notes at a time. Robin’s don’t give a f*ck. Crows are cool AF. Grackles have iridescent feathers in shades of purple, indigo and teal. We have birds called Grackle. We have gold birds with red-headed cousins. Tufted Titmouses (Titmice?) are super cute. Hummingbirds are jerks but one of the most beautiful things you’ll ever see. 
I started illustrating Missouri birds for fun. Here are some of them. Can you name them?

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