Second only to the counsel of a financial advisor, the statement is the most powerful tool in a financial services firm’s communication arsenal. It is the most widely read, the most frequently sent, and often the only personalized written communication received by clients.
A multi-year endeavor, Zero Seven Creative partnered with the Edward Jones client reporting team, internal creative agency, and third-party statement processor to upgrade the statement comprehension experience, enabling over seven million investors to better understand their financial future.
Engaging with real clients, financial advisors and branch office administrators through dozens of focus groups and usability studies, refining and presenting hundreds of prototypes, we developed a simplified design with a clear, concise presentation of data, display of outside investments, and built-in opportunities for targeted messaging and calls-to-action. We created a streamlined at-a-glance version and detailed in-depth version, with each being tailored to meet the specific needs of the US, UK and Canadian markets.
DALBAR, the nation's leading financial services market research firm called the updated design “groundbreaking,” “an industry innovator,” and “a statement without peers.”
"The new at-a-glance statement produced by Edward Jones is a groundbreaking statement that places its sole focus on providing clients with critical information." — DALBAR
The design conventions developed for this statement experience have since evolved and become the foundation for online reporting and several other client reports.

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